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Dorota Ogrodzka, Aniko Racz & Doreen Toutikian

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The Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity

The Gamified Workshop Toolkit was especially designed for teams that are just beginning their collaboration, primarily in the field of arts and culture, but also in other relevant sectors.

It has been created as a tool to promote collaborative communication and attitudes relating to the solidarity paradigm. Its purpose is to give participants a chance to express what values are important to them in their collaboration, to understand how others think and what is important and necessary for them to work and communicate together. The workshop also provides inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on how the team wants to deal with possible conflict.

Because they will jointly face fictional but possible conflict scenarios during the workshop, participants have the chance to recognize and identify mechanisms that, although often invisible and opaque, cause tensions and difficulties, especially when participants come from different contexts. 

The workshop is based on simple exercises. It encourages discussion of the values that seem to make up the concept of solidarity and aims to harmonize the different approaches, experiences, and thoughts represented by the participants. The main goal is to help the team formulate their own mutual framework of values to support the development and sustainability of solidarity within the team. We believe that it can help teams establish shared, mutually beneficial values and principles of cooperation and should be promoted on a systematic, institutional level.

This project was developed by Anikó Rácz, Doreen Toutikian, and Dorota Ogrodzka. Special thanks to Konrad Gadzina for his input in gaming ideas and his facilitation. The development process was supported by the intellectual input gained through discussions within the Solidarity Economies Trajectory, part of the RESHAPE project.

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