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We are a socially engaged
non-profit organization using human-centered design
to promote diversity
& sustainability
in arts and culture.

Recent Projects


Ecology of Ideas
Exhibition, 19-31 May 2023

SolidarityCards-Box Mockup.jpg

The Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity 2019- 2021

AW Collection

_our design methodology.

a loop

refers to the lifecycle of every project that starts by critically examining a certain challenge. During the process of research, ideation and experimentation, we develop strategies for implementation and communication through organized 

collaborations with like-minded specialists in visual and performance arts, activism, tech, and media. We consider all our projects as prototypes that must be constantly tested and re-examined, thus forming an iterative cycle, also known as  a loop.


Exhibition curated and designed by loop at Arab State of Art & Design in Berlin showcasing work  from the Middle East

working together

The prototypes and projects we develop are in the form of interactive cultural experiences in visual and performing arts. These may be exhibitionsfilm screenings, theater, workshops, seminars, concerts, public interventions, talks, live performances, and festivals.


Our current geographical focus is located in Europe and its neighboring regions the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans, and the global south.

1. diversity

We believe in the value of cultural exchange and multidisciplinary skills. Not only do they have the power to create more knowledge, but they can also bring together people from diverse backgrounds and form meaningful and open-minded communication through creative interactions.

2. critical thinking

We encourage critical thinking and popularize it through interactive arts, media and technology. We find it very important to promote more awareness about social, political, and environmental issues that affect us all. Current mainstream media increasingly diverges people’s attention from important issues, our goal is to counterbalance this phenomenon through meaningful communication.

4. access to information

We share all our resources and make them easily accessible to the public. We are not possessive of the information we create; instead we have an open-source and anti-copyrights mentality and are constantly looking for collaborations and long-lasting partnerships.

3. sustainability

It is our responsibility as an organization to be sustainable on a social, cultural, economic, and of course, environmental level. However, being sustainable is not enough; therefore, through our projects we aim to create awareness about sustainability as the responsibility of all citizens.


Pop Up Waterscape is a public interactive installation as an intervention to the city, showing the value of water to the urban environment and human relations.

berlin loop posters.jpg

Theater performance 'Under a Low Sky' by

Wael Ali, featuring Nanda Mohammad &

Sharif Andoura, produced in Athens by LOOP


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